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MIOM - Photax IV F (1951 - 1962)

Bakelite cameras
Surfing on the success of its previous models, M.I.O.M always tries to address the demand of its clients. This is why the model III VA is revisited in 1951 and received several improvements especially a synchro-flash. Thus, it becomes the Photax IV F.

If the selector of aperture remains unchanged with its two positions as on the model III, a rotative ring located around the lens allows to select one of the three available speeds (B, 1/25, 1/100 sec).

Some minor changes are noticed onto the body of the camera which is now labeled "4", like the Photax III Blindé.

Slits have been added on the perimeter of helical tube to improve the prehension when moving it in position.


Some variants of the Photax IV F exist. In addition of the version IV F « blindée » (same cap in bakelite than for the Photax III blindé), some models appear with a bigger space between the speed numbers and more slits around the helical tube.
The first versions of the model IV F, the internal dark room is fixed to the camera body with two screws having visible heads outside the body. That is the case of the camera presented here.

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