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MIOM - Photax III VA (1955 - 1961)

Bakelite cameras
M.I.O.M  increases its series Photax by introducing in 1955 the Photax III VA. Twin brother of the Photax III Blindé, it has the same characteristics, starting by its body. The mould of the Photax III Blindé is numbered "4" when the one of the Photax III VA is noted "3".
This camera has been produced with two different types of film rewind wheel. One is grey, the other is black.

The optical part is also identical to the Photax III blindé. The central shutter is still a Boyer Serie VIII mounted on a helical tube which can be retracted into the body of the camera.
A version exists with a chromed helical tube.

The only significant difference with its predecessor in the "Blindé" series, is the lens cap which is here a simple metal cap (not visible on the picture).
This last one protects only the lens and not the couple formed by the shutter and the shutter release as on the model III Blindé.

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