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KODAK PATHE - Brownie Starluxe Camera (1960 - 1963)

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KODAK PATHE - Brownie Starluxe Camera (1960 - 1963)

In the familly "Star" I need... the Brownie Starluxe!

Issued from the same origin than the Brownie Starflash, the Brownie Starluxe is the french version of the US Brownie Starmite.
The only difference with its american cousin resides in the fact the french Starluxe is a little bit taller.

It has heritated of the basis of the Starlet and offers the same performances. It also uses the same format 127 film.

This camera was made only in France during the 60's.

In Novembre 1962, a second version had appeared: the Starluxe II (derived from the US Starmite II). After that, the Brownie Starluxe 4 will be imported from the United-States.

I bought this camera 3 euros in an open market. For that price, I received in additition its leather bag... It is fully operational.

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