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KODAK PATHE - Brownie Starflash Camera (1957 - 1965)

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This camera looks like a hydrocephalous Brownie Starlet. The Brownie Starflash is the first of the Kodak cameras to be equipped with an integrated flash.

Made on the same basis as the Starlet, it is sharing the same characteristics. The upper part of the body contains the basic electronic circuit needed for the flash function as well as a room for the battery.

On the back side of the camera, a screw allows to dismount the upper part of the body in order to access the battery.
Under this screw, a small push button is present to eject the flash bulb after it has been used.

The flash mirror is made of chrome plastic. Caution to scratches !

Kodak produced this camera in three different colors : blue, black and white. Some differences may exist regarding the flash and the type of bulb used.

I bought this camera 9 euros in an open-market; it was in a poor condition. Today, after a complete cleaning, it is fully operational.

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