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KODAK PATHE - Brownie Starlet Camera (1957 - 1962)

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This little Brownie Starlet Camera (french version) is dear to my heart because it was my first camera which was offered to me when I was 8 years old.

Equipped with a lens Dakon. Just under this one is located the aperture selector labelled : "13 soleil voilé" and "Soleil brillant 14".
When I was a kid, I do confess that I hesitated several times between these two positions when the weather was uncertain...

This camera is very easy to use : a very bright viewfinder; on the right side, a red button being the shutter release; on the bottom side, the film advance wheel producing an amazing noise when rotating.

It uses a format 127 film which produces 4 x 4 cm negative films. 

This camera had on the left hand the Pin & Screw contacts allowing to connect a bulb flash that I did not received when I was 8 (but that Sylvain Halgand has kindly offered to me 38 years later).

This camera was also marketed in US but with a different serigraphy. The selector of aperture was labelled "13 Color" and "B&W 14".

US model (with a different serigraphy)

Our family picture albums include numerous photos made with this camera.

! It's me on this photo.
Snapshot takes in 1968 with my Brownie Starlet.

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