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ARGUS Inc - Argus A (1936 - 1941)

Bakelite cameras

With this small 35mm camera, the International Research Corporation (which became ARGUS Inc. in 1944) has initiated in 1936 a long and fruitful production era of photographic cameras which does not stop today.
L'Argus A was manufactured in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Because of its low price($12.50), it was an immediate success. 13000 cameras were sold in the first week.

Argus A (1936-1941)

The Argus A is a small bakelite camera. The first versions were equiped with a lens Anastigmat 1:4,5 f=50mm.

Like on the UltraFEX cameras, the chromed tube supporting the shutter and lens can be drawn in the camera body when this one is not used. The comparison must stop here as the general quality of the Argus lens is higher than the FEX.

The shutter gives speeds from 1/25 sec to 1/200 sec, pause B and T. It is also equiped with a synchro-flash.

This camera was avalaible in different designs : Black/Chrome, Gray/Gunmetal, Ivory/Gold.

Several variantes of this camera have been produced, among these ones :
bulletArgus AF - Similar to the model A, but with a lens focusing to 15".
bulletArgus B - Also similar to the model A but equiped with a lens Anastigmat 1:2,9 f=50mm and a shutter Prontor II and a self-timer.

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