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KODAK AG - Retinette 1A Type 044 (1963 - 1967)

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Kodak AG. Retinette 1A Type 044 (1963-1967)

The Retinette's family appears in 1939 with the Retinette type 147. Until 1954, this range remains faithful to the old tradition of the folding.

1955 coincides with the introduction of the Retinette F type 022-7, with this new model Kodak abandons the folding concept for a compact body.

The production of the Retinette IA starts in 1959 with the type 035/7. The model presented here is a Retinette IA type 044. It has been manufactured from 1963 to 1967.
It has the same charateristics that the type 042 but is equipped with a lens Reomar 45mm f/2.8 and one of the following shutter:

bullet Prontor 250S until 1965
bullet Prontor 300S after 1965
"Retinette", this designation remains engraved in my memory since my first age. This camera and my old Brownie Starlet are responsible of my passion for old cameras.
My Dad had a Retinette. For a long while I was fascinated by this camera; it was shining, it was heavy, and its leather bag was smelling strong.
I remember well each time I was allowed to take a snapshoot with this camera. I had a too small hand to be able to hold it and at the same time press on the shutter release.

I don't know why, but one day my Dad started to dismount his camera. As he was advancing, he was carefully storing the parts and screws in a shoes box. The poor Retinette stayed several months like this until the day where my Dad, understanding that he will not be able to properly rebuild it, decided to throw it away. Sad ending, isn't it !

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