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MIOM - Photax V (1955 - 1957)

Bakelite cameras

The Photax V is a bi-format camera : 6 x 9 cm and 6 x 6 cm.  Due to this, it has the regular equipments which equip such type of camera: double windows film located onto the back and a square guide within the rectangular viewfinder.

Photax V (1955-1957)

The Miom Company, which was already successful when introducing a new concept of design with the Photax II, surpassed itself with the Photax V.

The camera retains the streamline of the former range but this one is more symetric. The front is decorated with ribs at its ends. These ribs are ornamental but also functional as they give a better grip. Other ribs, only decorative, create a very esthetical peripteros around the viewfinder.

The shutter release is located on the top of the camera and not to the end of the lens as with the former models.

The lock, used to close the camera body, is no more in metal as on the model III but in plastic. It operates on two latches directly moulded within the body of the camera.

From the optical side, the Photax V is equiped with a meniscus lens Heanar type V, made by Angénieux and with an aperture of 1:16 f=85mm.

This camera arrived too late on the market, when the format 24 x 36 had already taken the nice part. It also had to compete with the series III which remained listed too on the Miom's prices list and which were offering very similar performances. For all these reasons, the Photax V has had a poor commercial career.

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