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OPL - FOCA *** or PF3 (1947-1957)

Regular cameras
The initial vocation of the company O.P.L (Optique et Précision de Levallois) was to manufacture rangefinders and military cameras.
In 1938, the company starts to study cameras for civilians but this new production domain will really start after the 2nd world war.

The factory of Châteaudun (France), is dedicated to this civil activity and starts production in 1945 using the prototyps that have been secretly developed during german occupation. Quickly, these cameras gain a great fame in the opinion of the public. They rival with the German cameras from Leica.

The model FOCA *** (or PF3) has been produced from 1947 to 1957.

The presented camera belonged to my uncle. It has the serial number : 306.204 which does not appear in the offical list published by FOCA. Mr Contoz who is an expert in PF2 and PF3 (Thank to Eric Burtscher for his help making this contact possible) believes that it is a PF3 model dated of 1957.

It is equipped with a lens OPLAR 1:3,5  f=5cm. The aperture can be selected in a range of 3,5 to 18 by rotating a ring located at the extremity of the lens.

The curtain shutter allocates speed variation from 1 sec to 1/1000 sec.

Low speeds (T, 1 sec, 1/2 sec, 1/5 sec, 1/10 sec et 1/25 sec) can be selected turning a special wheel located on the front face of the camera. On the upper part of this same face, a lever which releases the film advance mechanism. The focusing is done using a bright rangefinder and very precise (that's normal... it is the great speciality of the company O.P.L)

My uncle had bought several accessories but unfortunately not all from FOCA.
bulletFilter 1d FOCA
bulletFlash MINETTE for bulb (Japan)
bulletPneumatic self-timer GITZO
bulletsun filter FOCA

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