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OPL - FOCA ** or PF2B (1947-1957)

Regular cameras
The first 6000 PF2 cameras have been produced when France was still in shortage of rough materials. In 1947, the situation is much better and OPL can start to produce the version PF2B.
This camera, hardly less sophisticated than the PF3 (marketed at the same time), was an incredible commercial success during the 10 years it was marketed.
According to its serial number, this camera has been assembled in 1956; so it is one of the last produced.

It has two synchro flash (one for electronic flash and one for flash bulb). The first models of PF2B did not have these items.

The lens is an OPLAR 1:2,8 f=50 mm.

Other lenses were available :

bullet1:6,3  f=28 mm
bullet1:4,5  f=28 mm
bullet1:3,5  f=35 mm
bulletOPLAR 1:2,8  f=50 mm
bulletOPLAREX 1:1,9  f=50 mm
bullet1:3,5  f=90 mm
bulletTÚlÚ-OPLAR 1:4,5  f=135 mm
The shutter was offering a range of speeds between 1/25 sec to 1/1000 sec and pause B. The focus was using a rangefinder coupled with the lens.

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