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WHITEHOUSE - Beacon Reflex (c.1960)

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When you see it from far, the door of its viewfinder folded, the Beacon Reflex looks like a Brownie Brownie Starlet or a Starflex.
With this camera, the company Whitehouse from Brooklyn wanted to challenge Kodak on the range of the format 127 plastic cameras.

This small camera is quite rare in Europe.

It has a meniscus lens and a shutter offering two apertures "B&W" (Black and White) and "COL" (Color).

The film advance system is similar to the Brownie Starlet. A film rewind wheel is located on the bottom of the camera. The number of the photo which is written on the back of the film is displayed through a window.

This camera has also the Pin & screw contacts allowing to connect a flash.

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