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ASAFLEX - EF-80 (c.1985)

Toy cameras

Try to stroll during 10 minutes on a tourist place, appreciated by Pickpockets, while rocking untidily your Asaflex EF-80 at the end of your arm, it will not fail... The young man (roaming very fast) who will borrow it from you will put 2 seconds (4 metres) to return it to you... with a big smile.

Made in China, this camera belongs to the large family of the Toy Cameras. Very different of the Diana, the Asaflex EF-80 has many "sophistications" :

bulletEuipped with a lens 50 mm f=1.6 labelled LENS MADE IN JAPAN.
bulletSpeed selection (1/60 sec, 1/125 sec) by rotating a ring located on the lens.
bulletFour apertures (labelled with symbols) selected by rotating the lens. This one is directly linked to a meniscus with four holes. 

No film advance lever but a notched wheel which is located on the back side of the camera. An image counter is located on the right hand side of the shutter release. To be also noticed, the film rewind handle located onto the top of the camera body (like on a true Reflex 24x36).

Of course the framing is not using a reflex viewfinder ! But this one is quite brightly and located on the left of the camera body, right under the film rewind handle.

This camera is equipped with an integrated flash as well as a slot for a flash with synchro. The two batteries of 1.5 volts, needed of the integrated flash, are located into the fake winder room. Last detail, the lens is equipped with a very efficient sun visor.

Well, it is a quite surprizing camera, well manufactured and which demonstrates again all the great ability of chinese people to make perfect copies...

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