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FEX - SuperFex (1945 - 1960)

Bakelite cameras

In January 1939, Fritz Kaftanski runs away from Germany and takes refuge in Czechoslovakia. At this time, he takes out a patent in Paris for a small camera.

This camera starts its career in Czechoslovakia under the designation of FEX.

It becomes the Superfex in 1945 and goes through some modifications. From a design standpoint, it looks like a kind of miniature Ultra-FEX.

It is equipped with a shutter offering 1/30sec speed and a pause B.
The speed selection can be done using a lever identical to the shutter release but disposed horizontally, on the right hand side of the shutter.

The meniscus lens is a Fexar - Optic - Spec but this designation does not appear in this variant.

As usual, this camera will be produced in numerous variants : different back sides, proheminent viewfinder or flat one, decorative plate sticked or screwed on, black or brown serigraphy.
This camera will be commercialized until late 60's. Some versions have been distributed under other designations (Boberbox, Supérior).

The camera of my collection has a little label inside the body with the name of the initial vendor : "Photo Ciné Souvenirs - J.PETIT - 3, rue Carnot - REIMS"

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