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FEX - Super Boy (1956)

Bakelite cameras

The Super Boy camera is appeared in the early 50's. At its beginning, this little camera was made in red paperwork (So, Fritz Kaftanski did not made only bakelite cameras). No need to say that now this first model is very difficult to find... In 1956, the bakelite replaces the paperwork.

FEX Super-Boy


User manual Super Boy

The meniscus lens is a Tourret-Narat. On the first produced cameras, the lens are labeled "Fexar-Optic-Spec". This designation will disappear later on. The shutter has only one speed.

This camera is made for format 127 rollfilm which gives negatives of 3 x 4 cm. The lens can accommodate an object located between 1,50m to the infinite.

As any other FEX cameras, this one was produced in numerous variants :


With or without rivets allowing to attach a handle.


A folding viewfinder (1st model) or integrated to the body.


The front plate fixed with two rivets or glued.


 It was used as support for ads  (GRAF cheese, Mickey magazine, ...)


 Gilles Moreau mentions a variant named "Champion"

Additional accessories were available:

bulletSun visor
bulletColor filter
bulletSpecial lens for portrait (Distance between 0,50m to 1,50m)

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