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AGFA - Silette 1 (1962-1963)

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Between 1953 and 1970, Agfa has produced a lot of variants of the camera Silette. Actually, 80 of these ones have been identified. Being clearly inspired by the Kodak Retina, it has the same general design (but not the qualities), the Silette I is certainely the poorest camera of the range Silette.
The first version of the Silette I appears in 1962. The year after, the logo Agfa located close to the viewfinder is slightly modified. This is the version presented here.
Its body is in plastic but the top of the camera as well as the plate setting in the shutter and the lens are in aluminium. The poor quality viewfinder is simply made of two thin glass plates (fragile...).

The shutter Prontor 125 gives the following speeds : 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/125s and pause B.
The lens is an AGFA Color - Agnar 1:2,8 f=45 mm. 

Three rings located around the lens allow to respectively select : the aperture, the speed and the distance to the subject.

Rewind the shutter is made by rotating a lever located on the top right of the body.

To be noticed : a small button labelled "R" and located close to the rewind lever. If kept pressed when rewinding, it releases the driving wheel. Then, it is possible to make intentional double exposures.

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