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ROLLEI - Rollei 35 (1966-1974) &

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A small size but an outstanding quality of manufacturing, the Rollei 35 is a great 35mm camera.
The first 8000 of these cameras were produced in Germany, starting in 1966. Indication regarding the origin of these first models was labelled on the bottom of the front face "Made in Germany by Rollei - Compur - Gossen - Zeiss". These first models are today, very wanted.

Later, and until 1974, their manufacturing was distributed between Germany and Singapore.

It is equipped of a CdS cell. The shutter Rollei - Compur is offering a range of speeds between 1/2sec and 1/500sec with a B pose.

Three types of lens are possible, all being 1:3,5 f=40mm

bulletCarl Zeiss Tessar
bulletRollei Tessar
bulletSchneider S-Xenar

Film advance and shutter release are linked to the correct positioning of the lens.

Because of its compactness, the slot for flash is located under the body.

The Rollei 35 was proposed in different suits :


Brushed aluminium cover and black leather (made in Germany and Singapore)


Black cover and black leather (made in Germany and Singapore)


Black cover and fake crocodile leather (made in Singapore only)


Black cover and fake reptile skin (made in Germany only)

Rollei Germany produced a limited version of the Rollei 35 in Gold. 1500 of such cameras have been manufactured from November 1970 until the end of 1971 to celebrate the 50 years anniversary of the Rollei company.

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