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PHILIPS N.V - Philips Box Flash (1950) Netherlands / Dutch

Bakelite cameras

With its look of radio, the Philips Box Flash can not disguise its origine.

This camera was produced in 1950 by the Philips Gloeilampen Fabrieken located in Eindhoven (Hollande).

The camera body is made of Philite, kind of Bakelite developped by the Philips company circa 1923 and used for its radios production.
This one was very limited as no more than 25.000 units have been produced with only 1000 exported to France. This camera is quite rare.

The lens aperture is f:11 and the shutter offers only one speed (1/25 sec) in addition of the regular pause. The focusing is done by rotating the lens. This camera has a huge built-in flash reflector.

On its back there are two housings. The first one receives the 620 rollfilm (giving a negative image of 6 x 6 cm). The other one is used to host the two batteries providing power to the built-in flash.

This argentic camera was the only one produced by the Philips company. More than half a century later, this company, which remains one of the giants of the industry of house equipments, goes back to the production of cameras and video equipment. But this time, it leaves the argentic for digital.

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