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KURIBAYASHI CAMERA WORKS Co - Petri 35 (1954-1958)

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The Petri 35 has been the first model of the Petri's series to be produced with a telemetrical viewfinder, starting in 1954.

The camera for my collection is equipped with a shutter Carperu MXS which is offering a maximum speed of 1/300 sec. The lens is an Orikkor 1:2,8 f=45mm which allows to precisely date the making of this camera in 1958.

Other variants have been produced with different types of lenses :

bullet 1954 with lenses f: 2,8 (et 3,5)
bullet 1957 with lens f:2
bullet 1958 with lenses f:1,9 (et 2,8)

This camera was distributed quite widely in US but much was more rare in Europe.

To be noticed ; on the top of the camera is an exposure table (usable from 9:00 am to 3:00pm) made for a sensibility of 50 ASA and allowing to determine the correct aperture and speed according to the context (sport, brightly sunshine, hazy sunshine, interior photography...)

The company Kuribayashi Camera Works Co. was founded in 1907. In 1962, it changes its name to become the Company Petri. Finally, it went into voluntary  liquidation in 1977.

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