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FEX (for BAUCHET) - Mosquito 1 (1948-1950)

Bakelite cameras
Because it looks like a Ultra-FEX we are thinking about some family connections... and that's true !

The Mosquito 1 has been design on the drawing board of the inspired Fritz Kaftanski, founder of the Company FEX.

In 1948, the Manufacturer Bauchet which was producing roll film and photographic paper wanted to increase the sales of its famous Rolla film mounted on 620 rolls. They asked FEX, which was at the time the leader of bakelite camera producer, to design and produce for them a bakelite camera   using this 620 format.

Fritz Kaftanski took one's inspiration from his famous Ultra-FEX and most of the characteristics of this camera are present in the Mosquito I.

Nevertheless, the body appears less massive as the Ultra-Fex's one even if they have exactly the same size.


The lens is marked "Fexar-Optic-Spec" and can be easily recognized due to its blue meniscus. The shutter was manufactured by Tourret-Narat.


Two speeds : "Inst." (instantanée) and "Pose"


Apertures labeled "1" and "2"


No synchro-flash


Locking of the back side is different than on the Ultra-Fex.


I paid 3 € for this camera in an open market. For this low price, I've got it with its user manual, its certificate of guarantee and its original packaging. The camera itself was in mint condition.

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