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UNIVERSAL CAMERA  Corp - Mercury II Model CX (c.1945)

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The Mercury II model CX is the last one of the Mercury' series.

It has the same characteristics than former models CC and CC 1500.

It is equipped with a lens f=35 mm Universal Tricor 1:2.7 or Hexar 1:2.0 as well as a rotary shutter giving a range of speeds between 1/20 sec to 1/1000 sec.

The Mercury II was allowing 65 photographies with a 35 mm standard film.

The heavy body is in cast aluminum covered with black leather. "

Why makes it simple when you can make it complex ? " That was certainly the motto of the engineers of the Universal company when they designed the Mercury's series.
For sure, this camera does not look userfriendly...

On its front side, the table which allows to determine the depth of focus, makes impossible the use of this camera for far-sighted people.
The aperture table, which is located on the back side of the camera, requests at the minimum, an IQ above 120.

For sure, taking advantage of all the performances of this camera requested to fully digest its user manual.

Well, a curious camera which had a small career in Europe and was a commercial failure in US due to its price. It was sold three times the cost of the first pre-war Mercury models.

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