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EASTMAN KODAK Co - Kodak 35 Rangefinder 1st version (1940 - 1948)

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Kodak 35 rangefinder 1st version (1940-1948)

The less that we can say is that the engineers of the famous company of Rochester USA were not very worry about industrial estheticism when drawing the Kodak 35 Rangefinder.
In US, this camera is named the "one that only a mother could love".

The camera of my collection is equipped with a Kodak Anastigmat Special lens 1:3,5  f=50 mm and a Kodak - N░1 Kodamatic shutter giving the following speeds : T, B, 1/10 sec, 1/25 sec, 1/50 sec, 1/100 sec, 1/200 sec.

It matches the first release of this camera which has been produced from 1940 to 1948.

Other versions exist with different associations of lens / shutter :

 1946 - 1948
  Lens : Anatar special
  Shutter : Flash Kodamatic


 1947 - 1951
  Lens : Anastar
  Shutter : Flash Kodamatic

The rangefinder is quite easy to use and has its own viewfinder (different than for the regular viewfinder). The target picture is splited in the horizontal sense and the adjustment of focus is done by obtaining the perfect alignment of the two half pictures.

Arrived after the Kodak 35, the Kodak 35 Rangefinder had the big mission to challenge the famous Argus C3... which endured until 1966.

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