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FED - Fed 3 type B (1963 - 1972)

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The sadly notorious founder of the NKVD (soviet secret police - future KGB), Felix Edmundovitch Djerzinski has given his name to the cameras « FED ».

In 1927, this factory is just a reform school for young tramps of the suburb of Kharkov, in Ukraine. In 1932, this school starts to produce copies of Leica cameras . Destroyed by Germans in 1941, the school is rebuilded at the end of the war and pursue its cameras production till 1990.

Fed 3 Type B (F180)

The Fed 3 type B is a 35 mm film camera. It is equiped with a rangefinder and its shutter curtain is similar to the Leica's one.
Shutter speeds are in a range of 1 seconde to 1/500 sec and pause B. 

This camera can accept a large range of lenses :


FED Industar-50 1:3,5  f=50mm


FED Industar-61 1:2,8  f=52mm

FED 1:4,5  f=28mm
Jupiter 8  1:2  f=50mm
Jupiter 11 1:4  f=135mm
Leica TM f=39 mm

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