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KODAK PATHE - Brownie Flash Camera (1950 - 1961)

Bakelite cameras

The Brownie Flash was one of the camera the most produced in France... using spare parts made in USA. This was made to bypass the strict control and the limitations of importation of manufactured goods imposed by the french government in order to protect the national industries.

IIt is exactly the same camera that the one sold in US at this time and named "Brownie Hawk-Eye".

The Brownie Flash was a big commercial success in France. the reason was because of its very simple conception and the fact it was very robust.

The body was made of Bakelite. The rotary shutter with meniscus did not have any aperture selection.

On the right hand side are the film advance wheel and the huge shutter release button.
Symmetrical to this last one but on the left hand, a similar button (no scallop) allows, when pressed, to select the Pause B.

It uses a format 620 film. Because of this square format (6x6 cm), this camera has only one viewfinder located above the lens.
The main characteristic of this camera is a "Pin & Screw" area allowing to attach a flash.

Because of Sylvain Halgand, who has treasures on his web site... but also in his attic, my Brownie Flash is now properly named !


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